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  חשון 26, 5774 , 30/10/13

Rabbi Simcha Kook: Tzohar Bill - More Illegitimate Children?

The Knesset has authorized a second and third reading of the "Tzohar" bill which would cause significant changes to the way marriages are conducted by the State of Israel. And while many Orthodox Jewish rabbis have come out in condemnation of the bill, at least one has warned that it may cause an unthinkable religious problem: mamzerut, or illegitimacy. 

Rabbi Simcha HaCohen Kook, officiating rabbi for the central Israel city of Rehovot, disagreed with the measure in the strongest terms. "Anyone who wants to choose their own Rabbi [without State approval] will have to begin recording everything in a genealogy book - and those civil marriages will probably not be recognized in the future," the Rabbi claimed. "Bayit Yehudi has proved once again that they are a party for the Tzohar organization." 

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