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  חשון 26, 5774 , 30/10/13

Shas Leader Deri and Former Leader Yishai Reconcile

Aryeh Deri and Eli Yishai, both Members of Knesset for the Shas party met Wednesday for a meeting of unity and reconciliation. Following the January Knesset elections, Yishai, formerly the minister of the interior was replaced as party leader by Deri. Originally Deri, Yishai and a third Shas MK, Ariel Atias, were to jointly lead the party.

Since the passing of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef early this month, the future of the party has further been called into question. Rabbi Yosef helped start the party and was its spiritual advisor seeing it rocket to third largest faction in the Knesset under Deri's leadership in the 1990s. Yishai said in a radio interview that the meeting was positive. "I feel every day and think what Maran [Rabbi Yosef] would want us to do," Yishai stated.

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