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  חשון 24, 5774 , 28/10/13

Livni Condemns Jewish Home

Minister of Justice Tzipi Livni and members of her Hatnua party used today’s (Monday) weekly faction meeting to launch a sharp attack against Jewish Home's attempt to compare the MK Stern spitting incident to the Rabin assassination.

Livni said, “One can draw three conclusions. One is that of hypocrisy, sanctimoniousness, dirt, and an attempt to revise history. But this won’t work; the truth will come to light. If we must get dirty, then we shall, because in the end, we’ll come out clean. We understand the significance of what it means to be a government, and if we have to fight a particular kind of “spin” on things, then we are ready to fight.”

“The second conclusion is, anyone who does not condemn spitting in the face of an IDF general is not our brother. We will continue to act according to our beliefs. We are immune to any attempts to distort reality,” she continued, adding, “and the third thing we have made clear this week is, is that Hatnua will stand by her tenets.”

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