News Briefs

  10/28/2013, Cheshvan 24, 5774

Former Shas Spokesman: Yishai Should Ignore Deri

Roi Lachmanovich, former spokesman of the Shas party, recommended on Sunday that MK Eli Yishai not respond to accusations by party chairman MK Aryeh Deri, who on the weekend charged that Yishai refused to help the party in the municipal elections.

"If I were an adviser to Aryeh Deri I would tell him to leave Eli Yishai alone and go out and make sure that all Shas members who were elected in the municipal elections join their local coalitions,” Lachmanovich told Arutz Sheva. As for Yishai, he added, "No one has ever regretted something they haven’t said and therefore I suggest he wait patiently.”