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  חשון 5, 5774 , 09/10/13

Secular J'slm Candidates to Address English Speakers

Candidates for several political parties will address the English speaking community of Jerusalem ahead of the October 22nd municipal elections. The event is being sponsored by Jerusalem Village, Nefesh B'Nefesh and Ruach Chadasha and geared toward young professional immigrants. So far, the panel includes secular, Ashkenazic candidates including Roy Folkman of Jerusalem Will Succeed, Laura Wharton of Meretz / Labor, Shlomo Goldman of Ometz Lev,  Hanan Rubin of Hitorerut and a representative of Yerushalmim.

All the parties feature a mostly secular slate and advocate on behalf of a secular agenda, although many issues the city faces concern Jerusalemites of all walks of life. While the Meretz Jerusalem party has openly advertised "keeping Jerusalem secular" on its literature, the Yerushalmim party boasts a rabbi. Yerushalmim also advocates for an alternative rabbininte as part of it's platform. However issues such as housing prices, education, security, cleanliness, transportation and massive tourist events have often usurped any religious divide. 

Among the other parties running for city council are Shmuel Shkedi and Arieh King of United Jerusalem, Ofer Ayoubi of Neighborhoods and Businesses First, Dov Kalmanovitz of Bayit Yehudi, Shas and United Torah Judaism, which currently has the largest representation in city council.

Karen Brunwasser will explain the workings of the elections. The event is free but participants must sign up in advance. It will be held Wednesday, October 16th at the Alma Al Hagag restaurant and bar in downtown Jerusalem. Ruach Chadasha, or New Spirit, has sponsored many events to promote vibrancy among Jerusalem residents. They advocate group purchases of apartments to lower the cost and the creation of centers for young adult professional.

NOTE: Added later - This event was subsequently cancelled.

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