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  חשון 4, 5774 , 08/10/13

Were the Canadians Trying to Smuggle UAV to Gaza?

Canadian journalist Ezra Levant from the “Sun News Network” claims that the Canadians being held in Egypt may have been trying to smuggle information-gathering aircraft into the Gaza Strip to be used for military purposes, according to the news site Shalom Toronto.

Tarek Loubrani and John Greyson were arrested and held in Cairo from August 16 until just a few days ago. The equipment the Egyptian authorities seized were two remote-controlled helicopters rigged with cameras.

Levant does not believe the two anti-Israeli leftists’ version – that they were going to bring medications into Gaza, stating it is “ridiculous”.  Levant said that the way the cameras were placed on the helicopters is very similar to the way the Libyan rebels do it, and that they were trying to smuggle them to either the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo or in Gaza.

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