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  חשון 4, 5774 , 08/10/13

Liberal Arts College Opens in East Talpiot, Jerusalem

Shalem College held an inauguration ceremony on Sunday at its new campus in the Kiriat Moriah facility in Jerusalem. The first class has 50 students who will study liberal arts based on classic Western and Jewish texts, according to the college.

Senior vice president Daniel Gordis stated that the college is committed to pluralism and an open debate of civil discourse. He said Shalem was for both "those who live over the 'Green Line' and those who will not cross over the 'Green Line'."

Also in attendance was Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar an Agriculture Minister Yair Shamir. Kiriyat Moriah is a campus that over the years has housed youth programs of the Jewish Agency. It is located near the 'tayelet' promenade in the East Talpiot / Armon Hanatziv neighborhood. Between 1948 and 1967 the area was occupied by the Jordanians and a fierce battle took place nearby during the Six Day War.

A nearby hilltop is colloquially referred to as the Hill of Evil Council. It currently houses the United Nations, and formerly was home to the Jordanian Legion, and prior to that, the High Commissioner of the British Mandate.

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