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  חשון 3, 5774 , 07/10/13

Rabbi David Grossman: Keep Praying for Rabbi Ovadia

Rabbi David Grossman of the Galilee city of Migdal Ha'emek called on the public, Monday, to keep praying for the recovery of Rabbi Ovadia Yoseph, who is in critical condition in the intensive care unit of Jerusalem's Hadassah Ein-Kerem Hospital. Speaking to reporters at the entrance to the hospital following a visit to the former Sephardic chief rabbi, Rabbi Grossman said Rabbi Yoseph's handshake was warm.

Asking everyone to say a chapter of Psalms for the recovery of Harav Haim Ovadia Yoseph ben Georgia, Rabbi Grossman said, "We must all say, Ruler of the universe, we have a leader of Israel, a prince of Torah in our generation. Leave him [here]. We need him."

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