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  תשרי 28, 5774 , 02/10/13

"Marked Change for the Better" for Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Prof. Dan Gilon, the director of the echocardiography unit / non-invasive cardiology center at the Heart Institute of Hadassah University Medical Center said that there is a "marked change for the better compared to previous days" for Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. Prof. Gillon speak to Kol B'Rama radio about the treatment for the venerated Torah sage. "It's significantly improved compared to yesterday and the day before," he stated although adding that the rabbi still needed much work.

The 93-year-old Rabbi Ovadia Yosef was chief rabbi of Israel from 1973 - 1983 during which time he ruled that the Beta Israel community of Ethiopia were halachically Jewish and should be accepted into Israel. He is considered one of the most important authorities on Jewish law in the world and a spiritual leader to many community leaders.

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