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  תשרי 28, 5774 , 02/10/13

Trial Halted for 'Aroma' Cook Who Poisoned Co-Worker

Proceedings were halted in the trial of Udai Suadi from the community of K'manah who is being accused of attempted murder. The defendant was declared unable to stand trial due to his mental condition and will instead be sent to a psychiatric hospital for the time being. Suadi was indicted in May of pouring grease remover into a co-worker's salad following a work-related argument. The incident is not being considered a terrorist attack, hate crime or nationalistically motivated although some media reports allude to the defendant being of Muslim Bedouin heritage and the female co-worker being of Jewish-heritage. The defendant's lawyer Saleh Souad has denied the accusations. The two worked at a local branch of Aroma, a popular Israeli coffee shop chain.

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