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  תשרי 27, 5774 , 01/10/13

Tel Aviv Mayoral Candidate: Bus Station is a Disgrace

MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz), running for office against the incumbent mayor, Ron Huldai, today (Tuesday) called for drastic changes to Tel Aviv’s newest Central Bus Station.

 “Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station has been inundated in recent years by illegal infiltrators from Africa and the Sudan who live near the bus station and hang out there throughout the entire day,” he continued.

“The time has come to tell the truth: The central bus station is a total disaster. There is no other way to define it. It is one of the most completely failed projects in the history of the city…perhaps even the entire country. This ugly dump has all but destroyed the surrounding neighborhoods, drowning them in its pollution and dragging the entire area down,” Horowitz continued.

Horowitz has also promised to make sure Tel Aviv is open for business during the Sabbath.

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