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  תשרי 27, 5774 , 01/10/13

Audio Recording of Entire Bible Wins Zionism Award

It's on sale among the others pop and rock CDs, but this one comes with a copy of the Tanach. The Voice of the Bible as read by Dan Kanner is the entire Tanach -- Torah, Nevi'im and Ketuvim -- from Genesis to Chronicles, recited with the appropriate cantillation. Kanner won the 2013 Ministry of Culture and Sports's Award for Zionism in the field of Literature. The recording is available on DVD and on USB flash and is over 1,000 hours of audio.

Kanner told Arutz Sheva news that it was an linguistic experience for him but also "heartwarming" to think that for generations people have been fascinated with the Bible. He said he was proud to participate in the project.

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