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  תשרי 27, 5774 , 01/10/13

Olmert: I Didn't Know of Fund Transfer to My Brother

Former prime minister and Jerusalem mayor Ehud Olmert said, Tuesday, that there was no doubt that office manager Shula Zaken knew that all his campaign debts had been paid so her ties with state's witness Shmuel Dachner were not due to a desire to get money from him.

Testing in his own defense at the Holyland corruption trial, Olmert said he did not know about the giving of money to his brother Yossi and that he had no motive for transferring funds to him, supposedly not to damage his status. The defendant said that he did not arrange a meeting between his brother and Dachner (who died during the trial). Rather the meeting was arranged by former civil service commissioner Avraham Natan.

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