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  תשרי 26, 5774 , 30/09/13

MK Gafni: We'll Quit Equal Burden of Service Committee

Member of Knesset Moshe Gafni of the hareidi-religious United Torah Judaism party attacked, Monday, a provision in a proposed national-service law to put a national limit of 1,800 diligent students (matmidim or masmidim) who will have an exemption to continue their yeshiva studies three years after they turn 18. Addressing a hearing of the Shaked Committee to refine the bill, he questioned anyone's ability to make the legal determination of who qualifies for the diligent status.

Rabbi Gafni made it clear that the participation of hareidi Knesset members of the committee should not be taken for granted, adding, "There comes a point where we will get up and leave this committee. This step will be once we reach the conclusion that there's no value [in our staying]. We get up and leave the committee and the Torah will continue among the people of Israel, with you or without you."

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