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  תשרי 21, 5774 , 25/09/13

Will Labor Party Endorsement Hurt Mayor Nir Barkat?

Labor party leader Shelly Yachimovich has officially enforced Mayor Nir Barkat for re-election in the Jerusalem mayoral race. In response, candidate Moshe Leon (alternatively spelled Moshe Lion) stated "the cat is out of the bag. You're choice is between a right-wing candidate and a left-wing candidate." The Labor party endorsement follows the withdrawal of Yosef "Pepe" Alalu the head of Jerusalem's Meretz party chapter who is running on a joint Meretz - Labor slate for city council.

For the past five years Leon has been the head of the Jerusalem Development Authority, which helps apportion money earmarked by the Knesset to city municipality projects. Leon and Barkat have worked together on issues during his tenure. Mayor Barkat has been promoting large scale tourist events to revitalize the city while Leon has focused on resident's issues. One being that although property taxes are high, city services are lacking compared to other cities, according to Leon. In Israel renters pay property tax and well as home owners.

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