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  תשרי 21, 5774 , 25/09/13

Shomron Council Head Condemns Violence in Yitzhar

The head of the Shomron (Samaria) Regional Council Gershon Mesika condemned the violence that occurred in Yitzhar on Tuesday. "We condemn any kind of violence against security personnel," he stated. "However it should be noted that I was present at the events yesterday and I was sorry to discover that security personnel acted violently and brutal toward civilians and children," said Mesika. He called for dialogue between security personnel and Yitzhar residents but also called for the removal of the administrative restraining order against Yitzar resident Boaz Albert whom the police had come to remove.

Under administrative detention laws, a civilian deemed a threat to security can be issued a restraining order without being charged or convicted of a crime. Albert had chained his legs to the floor using a special home made device which took the police hours to remove. This is the latest attempt for Albert to return to his family in Yitzhar. In a previous attempt, Albert was shot with a stun gun (taser) multiple times which led to a government investigation on police use of the device.

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