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  תשרי 21, 5774 , 25/09/13

South Tel Aviv Simchat Torah Despite Infiltrators

Members of the young leadership division of the Bayit Yehudi party are planning a special Simchat Torah celebration in south Tel Aviv. The neighborhood has radically changed over the past several years from a low-income Jewish area with a large Sephardic community to an even lower income area with a large percentage of illegal infiltrators from Eritrea and Sudan. Homeless migrant workers who jumped the border from Egypt now live in public parks and on the streets. The government has been working with the residents and pro-migrant NGOs with varying degrees of success about the issue.

Event organizers stated, "we young people have come to celebrate with the city's residents to strengthen and encourage them. Unfortunately some families have have seen residents beaten and robbed by infiltrators and even worse. They are afraid to leave their homes even to go to the synagogue to pray." Government officials have stated that small minority of such infiltrators are legitimate refugees from war-torn Darfur and tehe vast majority are illegals seeking low income manual labor jobs.

The Simchat Torah holiday begins Wednesday night.

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