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  תשרי 20, 5774 , 24/09/13

A “Lynch” Attempt – A Miraculous Ending

Asaf and Naama Brochi, who hail from Beth El, were on their way to a celebration when they were hit by a barrage of huge rocks and stones. “If they had had weapons, it would have ended differently,” the couple said.

“We were on our way to a new neighborhood, Kadmat Tzion, by way of A-Tur, and we were suddenly jammed up.  There were no police in the area, and we realized we were in the middle of a “lynch”, with huge stones being hurled at us by Arabs.  They jumped up on the car and scratched it”, Asaf said. According to him, the police never arrived but he was able to get through to Beit Hahoshen, where he met up with other drivers who had also been attacked.

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