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  תשרי 20, 5774 , 24/09/13

Amnesty Calls for Halt in US Aid to "Abusive" PA Police

Amnesty International released a report condemning the police force of the Palestinian Authority as abusive. Philip Luther, Middle East and North Africa Director of Amnesty International stated, "standards during the policing of demonstrations in the West Bank continue to fall woefully short of those prescribed by international law. As a result, the rights to freedom of expression and assembly are being severely eroded.”

The group also asked that the United States, the European Union "and other donor governments that have provided financial aid to the PA to train its police and security forces demand that they are held accountable to international human rights law and standards." Luther added, "International donors need to make clear to the PA’s leadership that they are not prepared to tolerate continued rights violations by PA police and security forces and that future assistance is dependent on PA leaders’ ensuring full accountability."

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