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  תשרי 20, 5774 , 24/09/13

Sukkah Party at Contested Home in Non-Jewish Area

Yitzchak Herskovitz, the owner of a historic home in the Givat Hamatos / Beit Safafa neighborhood of Jerusalem will hold a special Sukkot celebration in honor of his latest court success. Herskovitz fought for about 18 years for the plot of land he legally bought but was inhabited by members of a Bedouin family from the Bethlehem area. The dispute between the Bedouin family and Herskovitz was finally decided in the Supreme Court in Herskovitz's favor.

Beit Safafa (also spelled Beit Tsafafa) has Jewish roots but for decades has been almost entirely Arab populated. His particular home was built by an Armenian family which formerly had a community in the area.

Last year the Jerusalem municipality rezoned the plot of land to be part of the adjacent Givat Hamatos neighborhood and plans to construct over 3,000 high-end housing units.

This year Herskovitz went back to court for the rights to create a road and driveway instead of the dirt path which exists today. Although courts ruled that he legally owns the property, the area where the road is to be constructed was contested by the Greek Orthodox Church.

Herskovitz will celebrate his latest court victory with a Sukkot party on Hoshana Rabba, Wednesday September 25th from 11:00am - 3:00pm. A large sukkah has been built and the public is invited to attend. Community leaders and public figures are scheduled to speak at the event. For more information call 02-960-5710.

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