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  תשרי 8, 5774 , 12/09/13

Rabbis Ovadia Yoseph and Shlomo Amar Reconcile

Rabbi Ovadia Yoseph, the spiritual advisor of the Sephardic hareidi-religious Shas party, said, Thursday evening, that he forgave his former student, Rabbi Shlomo Amar for backing someone else over his son, Rabbi Yitzchak Yoseph, in the recent election for Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel. The pronouncement came during a meeting at Rabbi Ovadia's residence, requested by Rabbi Amar who asked forgiveness. His behavior followed his understanding that Shas had a role in his not being allowed to run for re-election to the post.

Rabbi Yoseph, asked Rabbi Amar to smooth things out with the new Shas leadership. Rabbi Yoseph said, "Do not be angry and don't be hard on Aryeh Deri and Ariel Atias who did what they did on ​my behalf."

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