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  תשרי 5, 5774 , 09/09/13

Arieh King: Police Must Deal with Rock Throwers

Arieh King, a candidate for Jerusalem mayor and city council, responded on Monday evening to testimonials by residents of the Abu Tor neighborhood in the city, who told Arutz Sheva that they are victims of daily rock attacks by Arabs.

“We cannot led slide the photographs that show the Arabs of Abu Tor throwing rocks and bottles at Jewish homes,” said King. “This happens everywhere. Last week in the Ramot neighborhood, two weeks ago in the French Hill, the lives of Jews in the outlying neighborhoods have become an ongoing nightmare. The police and law enforcement authorities must deal with rioters and provide security and peace to Jews of these neighborhoods.”

King is the head of the Israel Land Fund which advocates for Jewish neighborhoods in post 1967 districts. He is running for Jerusalem city council in the October 22nd elections on the Outlying Neighborhoods Slate.

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