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  תשרי 5, 5774 , 09/09/13

Global Warming or Global Scamming?

Experts have revealed that despite dire predictions, the ice cap has increased significantly rather than melt. In their words: “Scientists have gone for the money, and sold out science to the devil.”

After years of trying to intimidate the public with the scare that due to global warming glaciers would melt and flood coastal cities and wreaking destruction, the British weekly, “Sunday Mail” reports a dramatic change in the trend.  According to the periodical, the ice in the Arctic this year has increased by 60% compared to last year’s numbers – almost 2.5 million square kilometers more than last year (2012).

Arutz Sheva spoke with Dr. Gabi Avital, who has been publicly outspoken in uncovering what he calls a fiction promoted with an economic agenda, but has no scientific basis.

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