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  Elul 8, 5773 , 14/08/13

"Godzilla" (Gorjira) to Stomp on Tel Aviv in Rock Show

Tel Aviv seems to be attracting either mass destruction and disease, or a mass of heavy metal bands with scary names. On Tuesday the veteran American heavy metal band Anthrax performed at the Barby concert hall. On Thursday August 15th, Gorjira, a French metal band will perform at the Reading 3 club in Tel Aviv. The band is named after the original Japanese name for the famous movie monster Godzilla, a fictional giant lizard-like creature that destroys Tokyo in the many films. The band sings in English and French and has several songs about protecting the environment. The opening band will be Ferium, an Israeli metal band. The event is being organized by ProgStage, an Israeli festival promotions group.

Heavy metal bands have flocked to Israel in recent years, but so have many big name pop acts such as Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Tom Jones, and others, Classical and jazz musicians from around the world have performed as well, and next week's Sacred Music Festival is bringing ethnic performers from different countries.

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