News Briefs

  7/30/2013, Av 23, 5773

Modest Losses for Tel Aviv Stocks in Mixed Trading

Individual losers outdid gainers in mixed early trading, Tuesday at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. About 40 minutes into the session, the TA Composite Index stood at 1,101.09, down .85 percent, while the TA 100 declined .89 percent to 1,097.76, including a 1.01-percent drop to 1,211.20 by the TA 25 most-widely-invested issues. The stocks outside the TA 100 stood at 994.74, up .02 percent.

Leading the gainers was the communications index, which climbed 1.19 percent to 650.11, followed by the oil and natural-gas issues, which stood at 1,169.53, up 1.17, and the real-estate stocks, which advanced .71 percent to 358.53. The financial institutions gained .43 percent to 1,131.99; the bank index standing at 1,140.44, up .41 percent, while the insurance issues gained .38 percent to 1,412.95. The biomed stocks stood at 874.20, down .14 percent, while the rest of the technology index lost .18 percent to 323.38.