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  Av 17, 5773 , 24/07/13

Expert Warns Arab Voters Could Swing Referendum

An Israeli expert warned that the newly touted referendum against relinquishing land to the Palestinian Authority could backfire. Attorney Aharon Papo, a legal expert in the field, told Arutz Sheva news on Wednesday, "there are a million and a half Arabs in Israel, and even if some of them are totally loyal to the state, they will be subject to threats," he warned, predicting that citizens of Arabic ethnicity would vote to abandon Judea and Samaria and evict the Jewish residents.

"So is Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu counting on every single Jewish Israeli to go out and vote against a disengagement?" he questioned.

Following the recent announcement of renewed talks with the Palestinian Authority, assurances were made that any territorial compromise would only take place with a referendum of the Israeli public.

A precedent for such a referendum took place on May 2, 2004. Registered Likud party voters decided 59.5% - 39.7% against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's Disengagement plan.

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