News Briefs

  7/12/2013, Av 5, 5773

Report: Rabbi Avraham Yoseph Won't Run for Chief Rabbi

Chief Rabbi Avraham Yoseph of Holon, south of Tel Aviv, will not run for the position of Sephardic Chief Rabbi because of a police investigation against him, according to a Friday-morning report by the Yisrael Hayom daily. It appears that his brother, Rabbi Yitzchak Yoseph, will be the candidate of the hareidi-religious Shas party, whose spiritual advisor is their father, Rabbi Ovadia Yoseph. The final decision is expected in a few days.

The senior Yoseph would have preferred his son Avraham as a candidate. Those around Rabbi Ovadia Yoseph claimed the decision that Rabbi Avraham Yoseph would not run is nothing less than submission to the police, whom they accused of trying to commit a "political assassination".