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  Tamuz 24, 5773 , 02/07/13

Only Five Illegal Infiltrators Entered in June

In June 2013, the Immigration Authority reported five infiltrators from Egypt. This is in comparison to 928 infiltrators who entered in June 2012. The Population and Immigration Authority said that the steps taken by the government led to a dramatic reduction in the number of infiltrators.

Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar said "we will continue to act in accordance with government policy to repatriate the infiltrators to their home countries or to third-party countries. If we do not act according to clear, uncompromising policies, Israel will become flooded with illegal infiltrators."

The government have taken steps to ensure that legitimate refugees such as those from South Sudan fleeing the war are cared for. Most of the illegals come from Eritrea and are considered migrant workers, not refugees. Many social service organization have ben created in Israel to care for such individuals however other groups have come out against the phenomenon. Approximately two weeks ago, an illegal migrant worked stabbed six people in Tel Aviv, both native Israelis and fellow migrants in a rampage. Other incidents of migrants attacking and raping Israeli have occurred in the poorer neighborhoods of Tel Aviv which experienced a sharp increase in undocumented foreigners in recent years.

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