News Briefs

  6/27/2013, Tammuz 19, 5773

Picture Includes Various Ranges of Challenges

Chief of Staff Benny Gantz of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said, Thursday, "Today, the picture of the strategic situation places before us [more] ranges and types of ranges of challenges than ever before."

Congratulating the graduates of the Air Force's latest pilots' course, he continued, "Let's look around. The area is undergoing a shakeup, south and north. Syria is bleeding profusely and in Lebanon, fire has started to grab at the robe of [Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan] Nasrallah. Opposite the changing face of this reality, we must be prepared, coordinated and prepared more than ever. You - the graduates - have, starting now, an integral part of maintaining [the IDF's] readiness opposite these challenges; part of the tightening and strengthening of [your] integration, as well as a significant and leading part in the strength of the IDF."

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