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  Tamuz 15, 5773 , 23/06/13

Phillippines Government Cracks down on Illegal Ivory

WMUK reports on the recent attempts of the Philippine government to curtail illegal trafficking of ivory, "We want to send a strong message that we're against the illegal trade of ivory, these are all contraband." says Theresa Mundita Lim, Director if the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau of the Philippines.

Her country's illegal ivory stockpile is spread out on the ground; thousands of tusks ready for crushing. WMUK describes how first a steam roller crunched over the tusks, but the surprisingly durable ivory withstood the pressure until a backhoe took over, stabbing with the toothy side edge of the bucket.

Smashing, explains WMUK, removes any chance that the confiscated ivory could get back into the marketplace - corrupt officials have been known to pilfer from government warehouses. The Philippines is a major stopover for ivory dealers entering the Asian black market, and Filipinos also buy the ivory to make heathen carvings, concludes WMUK.

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