News Briefs

  6/3/2013, Sivan 25, 5773

Health Ministry Destroys Meat at Nes-Tziona Butcher

The Health Ministry announced, Monday, that the veterinarian of the Central District Health Office, in conjunction with the veterinarian of the Nes Tziona local authority destroyed eight kilograms/17.5 pounds of poultry and other meat during the course of an inspection at the Aleph-Bet Poultry Marketing butcher shop at 16 Zerubavel Street in Nes-Tziona, south of Tel Aviv.

Inspectors found meat that was produced without a license or other documentation. The ministry said the care, storage and marketing of meat outside the legally-required conditions could be harmful to the public's health and that it would continue enforcement procedures, including the possibility of legal action against the business.