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  6/2/2013, Sivan 24, 5773

Ya'alon: I Don't Want to Have to Jail Yeshiva Students

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon continued, Sunday evening, to express his opposition to incarcerating yeshiva students for not reporting for national service. Speaking at a meeting of activists in the Sharon area, north of Tel Aviv, he said, "In the past year, 1,500 hareidim were inducted without us declaring war and without [their] going to jail."

Referring to recent legislative attempts to penalize people for not reporting, Ya'alon continued, "Whoever thinks that by attacking and threatening them, by [Member of Knesset Yochanan] Plesner in his time and like what almost happened with Yesh Atid - straight to jail - I don't want to live in a Jewish state where I take yeshiva students from Torah study to jail."

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