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  Sivan 24, 5773 , 02/06/13

Infiltrators to a 3rd-Party Country a Positive Step

Member of Knesset Eli Yishai (Shas) reacted favorably, Sunday, to reports that a third-party country would take illegal infiltrators from Israel. He said, "In my opinion, this is another step in the right direction to remove all the infiltrators - I congratulate the prime minister, the interior minister and the officials who managed to promote this reality." A third-party country would be helpful because of the threat faced by some infilrators if they are returned to their country of origin.

Yishai added, "During my tenure as interior minister, I worked a lot to find a third-party country to absorb the infiltrators into its territory and I am glad since despite comments of the critics, these efforts bore fruit. It is our duty to make use of this tool, as well as tools that were promoted during my term as interior minister, such as construction of the fence, construction of holding facilities and the enactment of the Infiltrators Law, and thus deliver a message to all the infiltrators, including those who are on their way here, that Israel is no longer a target for them and that one who comes here illegally knows that there will be a price for this activity."

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