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  Iyar 21, 5773 , 01/05/13

Google Glass Hacked, and now Sneaky

Following the highly Twitter-touted Jailbreaking Google Glass code hack, ZDNet wonders if it is possible to programmatically disable the personal-eyewear/ tablet's "recording LED indicator" on the device, so that one could stealthily record without any indication to the subject that they are being captured on-camera.

Apparently a moot issue, as the first launch of Google Glass has no such indicator, hacker Jay Freeman told ZDNet. 

Still, ZDNet proposes, there's room to make the device even stealthier. As Freeman explained during a phone interview, although there's no recording indicator per se, if you are being recorded, it's readily apparent from video activity being reflected off the wearer's eye prism that something is going on, particularly if you are in close proximity to the person.

But that can be changed now that the Google Glass headset is jailbroken. ZDNet explains, since Glass is an Android device, runs an ARM-based Linux kernel, and can run Android user space programs and custom libraries, any savvy developer can create code that modifies the default behavior in such a way that recording can occur with no display activity showing in the eye prism whatsoever.

And while the default video recording is 10 seconds, code could also be written that begins and stops recording for as long as needed with a custom gesture or head movement, or even innocuous custom voice commands like: "Boy, I'm tired" to begin, and "Boy, I need coffee" to end it, suggests ZDNet.

You could write and side load an application that polls the camera and takes a still photo every 30 seconds, should you say ... want to "case" and thoroughly photodocument a place of business prior to committing a crime, or even engage in corporate espionage. Or simply capture ambient audio from unsuspecting people around you. (ZDNet)

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