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  Nissan 29, 5773 , 09/04/13

Kerry: Obama Doesn't "Bluff" Regarding Nukes

United States Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about the Iranian government's nuclear program at a press conference Tuesday with Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu.

"I have reiterated to the Prime Minister, as I did yesterday to the President," Secretary Kerry stated, "President Obama could not be more clear: Iran cannot have and will not have a nuclear weapon.  The United States of America has made clear that we stand not just with Israel, but with the entire international community in making it clear that we are serious, we are open to negotiation, but it is not an open-ended, endless negotiation.  It cannot be used as an excuse for other efforts to try to break out with respect to a nuclear weapon.  And we are well aware and coordinating very, very closely with respect to all of our assessments regarding that.  But President Obama doesn't bluff.  He's made that very clear to me, and we hope the Iranians will come back to the table with a very serious proposal," Kerry said.

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