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  Nissan 17, 5773 , 28/03/13

Hevron Commander Sees No Intifada but Troops Are Ready

Commander Avi Belot of the Israel Defense Forces' Hevron Division reacted, Thursday to recent security incidents in Judea and Samaria (Shomron) by saying, "We see a clear empirical relationship between the cost of living in the field and their [Arab -ed.] motivation for disorder," referring to the economic situation in the Palestinian Authority. Interviewed by Israel Defense Forces Radio, Colonel Belot said, "The assumption is that satisfied residents who are living well are less inclined to take to the streets."

Belot was surprised by the ruling of a military court that in certain circumstances, the throwing of stones is considered a prank. He said,  "I really do not take it as a joke. A stone can kill. We saw the attack in which Adelle Biton was injured in Ariel. To call stone throwing a prank is an incorrect choice of words." He also foresaw a period of escalation, adding, "I estimate that we will not reach a third intifada [Arab uprising -ed.], but we are ready for one."

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