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  Nissan 14, 5773 , 25/03/13

'Chametz Fires' Burn 2 in Bnei Brak

The Hatzalah Gush Dan emergency medical service operating in the area around Tel Aviv treated a man about 20 years old, Monday morning, for light burns on his face, following an explosion in a tank on  Kehillot Ya'akov Street in Bnei Brak, where chametz (unleavened products) were being burned before the Passover holiday, which begins Monday evening. No details are available about a seven-year-old who suffered burns to his neck and shoulder in a fire on Genichovsky Street in the city's Kiryat Herzog neighborhood.

Hatzalah Gush Dan urged people who were still burning chametz (in Israel and time zones to the West) not to get too close to the flames. They also said to avoid throwing spray cans and other potentially explosive things toward a fire.

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