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  Nissan 9, 5773 , 20/03/13

Skeptics Warn Against Territorial Compromise

While no one mentioned territorial compromise during the Obama-Netanyahu press conference, it was in the minds of many Israelis. Chairman of Professors for a Strong Israel, Dr. Gabi Avital spoke to Arutz Sheva news to discuss U.S. President Barack Obama's first official visit to the State of Israel. He spoke about the apparent snub of students from Ariel University to President Obama's speech on Thursday. The speech will be given to college and university students, however Ariel University was not on the guest list. The omission may or may not have been politically motivated as the university is located in Samaria, an area that the Palestinian Authority would like to be free of any Jewish presence. Prof. Avital warned against another disengagement similar to the 1993 Oslo Accords which created the Palestinian Authority and relinquished land in Judea and Samaria.

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