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  Tevet 11, 5773 , 24/12/12

Kadima: Stand Behind Campaign, Will Fight for Soldiers

The Kadima party tried to defend its most recent ad campaign, which Egged and Dan bus companies refused to run, which states that it is unfair that IDF soldiers receive only NIS 350 a month while yeshiva students receive NIS 3,400 and that the government should "pay soldiers like yeshiva students."

Kadima claims the bus companies refused to run the signs because they didn't like the phrase "yeshiva students" and suggested the alternative, "those who don't serve in the army."

Kadima referred to a petition to the Central Election Committee for permission to use the slogan, saying, "Kadima is proud to lead the struggle for those serving - and believes that anyone who gives more and who puts his or her life at risk for the sake of national security should be compensated at least as much as yeshiva students."

"We are not trying to take a penny from anyone. But to give more to those who give more - to soldiers. We want the burden to be equal - to have at least an equality in money. The attempt to prevent the publication of the campaign ad by pressuring the Egged and Dan bus companies failed. Kadima is determined to block the current attempt to downplay the struggle of equal burden and to place the issues of soldiers in the public agenda and to fight it by all means and in all arenas."

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