News Briefs

  11/6/2012, Cheshvan 21, 5773

Jewish Home Mystery Candidate Yehuda Cohen Speaks Out

Yehuda Cohen, one of three candidates in the Jewish Home primaries for party leadership sent an email to party members on Monday. Cohen, a high school biology teacher and a past volunteer activist for the Jewish Home Party has turned down interviews and declined to submit photos or publicity material on principle. In his email, he called for a cap on tuition for schools. He also called for freedom for Jonathan Pollard, the establishment of a national Constitution, improved road service and a cleaner environment. He, similar to the other candidates, called upon the repatriation of Jewish people to Judea and Samaria without restriction.

Primaries for party leadership will take place Tuesday November 6th from 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Primaries for the party list will take place next week.