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  Cheshvan 13, 5773 , 29/10/12

Equal Burden of Service Forum Turns to MKs, Candidates

The Forum for Equal Burden of Service headed a group of 29 social organizations which sent a letter, Sunday, to all Knesset members and candidates, demanding that they "Announce that during the next Knesset, you will actively support the obligation of service for everyone and that every citizen will be obligated for induction [to the Israel Defense Forces] or civilian/national service, with a possibility of limited ceilings of [exemptions for] outstanding [students] at yeshivas or other areas." The letter said it was up to the army to decide who it would take or not take.

Forum leader Miri Brown explained that the organizations which signed the letter represent hundreds of thousands of taxpaying reservists "who are fed up with the lies, promises and, mainly, the manipulation of those who [currently] carry the burden." She continued, "For years they have been selling us for political deals and comfortable seats. We will not be silent any longer."

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