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  Cheshvan 10, 5773 , 26/10/12

Religious Zionist Youth Campaign for Combined List

A campaign by religious Zionist youth to hand out flyers and bumper stickers in favor of a joint Bayit Hayehudi (Jewish Home-New National Religious Party) and Ichud Le'umi (National Union) ticket in the January Knesset elections has been well received in its first few days. The objective is to take advantage of the potential of a united list to result in more seats for the religious Zionist block, which will influence the formation of the next government coalition.

Chairman Assaf Danoch of the Ichud Le'umi's young leadership said, "We believe that all of our big camp will run eventually run in one significant political bloc and that's how we'll reach a double-digit number of mandates as early as the primaries." He added that the campaign is only beginning and surveys show the united list getting more than 10 seats, as compared to the seven (Ichud Leumi 4, Habayit, Hayehudi 3) seats currently held by the two parties. A Panels Politics poll, broadcast Thursday evening, showed a joint list would capture 13 seats.

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