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  Tishrei 20, 5773 , 06/10/12

MK Ben Ari Demands Answers for IDF Failure

Amidst the praise being heaped on the IDF for shooting down a drone that penetrated Israeli airspace, one Knesset member thinks the congratulations are undeserved. 

"The time has come for that the IDF Spokespersons to stop behaving like the spokesmen of the Syrian or Egyptian army, turning failures into successes," said MK Michael Ben Ari. He lauded the IDF for what he called a "serious security failure," and demanded that an investigation into the day's events be made immediately. "How is it that an enemy drone entered the state without any warning, how is it that it was not shot down immediately and why only when it was over Yatir Forest, deep within Israel, was it brought down?" he asked.

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