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  Tishrei 16, 5773 , 02/10/12

Derech Beit Lechem Bread Festival on Wednesday

The Derech Beit Lechem Bread Festival will take place in the Geulim neighborhood of Jerusalem. Also, known as Baka, the neighborhood features many historic Middle Eastern buildings. It's main thoroughfare, Bethlehem Street as the ancient route from Jerusalem to the city of Bethlehem and might remain so today if it didn't dead-end at the Talpiot Industrial Zone.

Bethlehem Street will be closed starting at 5pm on Wednesday. Oct 3rd. Musical acts and arts and crafts will be available for children and adults including painting, dance and bread making. A sukkah on the street will be hosted by Rabbi Avraham and Dina Hendel of Beit Levi - Chabad of Baka. For coverage of last year's fair click here.

The Hendels are also sponsoring a Sukkah party on Thursday with music and refreshments at the Baka Farm School on Yehuda Street. The school which teaches agriculture is also home to Yad Gedaliah, a social service organization set up in memory of Gedaliah Mellick, a fallen Israeli soldier.

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