News Briefs

  9/4/2012, Elul 17, 5772

Security Cameras to Ensure Kosher Restaurants

The Jerusalem Rabbinate usually sends rabbinical representatives to the restaurant and hotel kitchens that they certify for regular check-ups. But how can they be absolutely sure that everything is 100% strictly kosher according to Jewish law? The Jerusalem Rabbinate's new potential plan is to install cameras in which rabbis can monitor the kitchens remotely. According to a report in Maariv news, the idea was proposed by Rabbi Eliyahu Schlesinger, the chief rabbi of the Gilo neighborhood of Jerusalem.

The report noted that a number of hotels and restaurants have expressed their opposition to the plan. Rabbi Schlesinger said that specific restaurants have been flagged for repeated problems. According to the Torah, Jewish people may not consume pork, shellfish and a variety of other meats. Dairy and meat products must remain separate and cannot be consumed together.