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  Elul 9, 5772 , 27/08/12

Rabbi Supports Secular Candidate in NRP Primaries

Rabbi Avichai Ronsky published a letter, Monday, in which he sought to fend off claims against Ayelet Shaked, a secular candidate for the top woman's place on the ballot in the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home-New National Religious Party) primaries. Responding to the claims of veteran NRP members, including Chairwoman Liora Minka of the Emuna organization, that Shaked does not represent religious-Zionist women, Rabbi Ronsky wrote, "Anyone with first-hand knowledge of Ayelet Shaked knows how much is involved in her joining the Bayit Yehudi because it significantly strengthens the political action that is required of us right now."

Hinting that the approach of Shaked's opponents is not appropriate for present conditions, including pressure against Israel from within and without, the rabbi concluded, "It's a big privilege for us that this courageous woman came into our ranks. Blessed be your coming."

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