News Briefs

  8/8/2012, Av 20, 5772

Siyum HaShas for Daf Yomi Held in Lublin, Poland

A Siyum HaShas celebration for the completion of the Daf Yomi Talmud reading cycle was held in Lublin, Poland last week. The city was the home of Rabbi Meir Shapira who developed the Daf Yomi, or "a page a day" Talmud study in 1923. It takes 7 and a half years to study the entire Talmud in the Daf Yomi study program. 
Rabbi Zev and Rebbetzin Rivka Leff of Moshav Mattityahu were honored at the ceremony which as attended by members of the NCSY American-Jewish youth group. Rabbi Shimon and Rebbetzin Sheri Kurland also were in attendance. They reinitiated the first Siyum HaShas in Lublin since the Holocaust in 2005.