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  Tamuz 11, 5772 , 01/07/12

Shamir Told Me: Future of State is Religious, Hareidim

Chairman Yisrael Eichler of the United Torah Judaism faction in the Knesset reacted, Sunday, to the death of former prime minister Yitzchak Shamir by noting, "Yitzchak Shamir was a commander of the Lech"i [Lochamei Cherut Yisrael-Fighters for the Freedom of Israel militia -ed.] who fought against the British government and against Ben-Gurion and the Hagana [militia]. There was a Jewish group within Lech"i that earned an amount of respect not surpassed by the Hagana."

Eichler recounted, "Twenty years ago I met with him privately. He said 'The future of the country is the religious and hareidi-religious. Our young people are disconnected from the idea of Israel and attach themselves to the left or leave the country or revert to the level of crime. The burden of defense and nationalism will fall on the shoulders of young religious and hareidi generation and you need to prepare for this.' I told him it was the admission by a party who passed [the responsibility of] education of his children to 'state' schools, that he cut the national wing on which he had built the state. If we send [the responsibility for] our children to the secular 'state', there won't remain a Jewish people, Heaven forbid, and there will not be a Jewish state."

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