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  Sivan 27, 5772 , 17/06/12

Son of Hamas Leader: Learn Value of Life from Israel

Former terrorist Mus'ab Hassan Yousef said, Sunday, "It is time that the neighbors will learn from Israel what the value and holiness of life is." Speaking to thousands of Druze soldiers in compulsory service during Druze Soldier Day at Guy Beach, the son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, who converted to Christianity and has declared his love for the people of Israel, added that religious extremism is the world's next disaster. He continued, "I will do everything, and act in every way that the Palestinian people abandon the language of power and I will lead, in the future, to freedom."

Yousef is the guest of Deputy Minister for Galilee and Negev Development, Ayoub Kara, who represented the government at the event. Member of Knesset Kara called it an historic day "that one who used to throw stones joined our side and said that more should follow." He added "We have no other country nor do we want one, including Syria. [The prophet] Jethro commanded us to keep this sacred land for the people of Israel, period, and that's what we'll do for generations and for eternity.

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