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  Sivan 24, 5772 , 14/06/12

Mofaz: We did Not Come to Persecute Hareidim

Chairman Shaul Mofaz of the Kadima party opened the party's convention, Thursday evening, by calling on Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority to negotiations with Israel. He also called on the international community to get involved against the axis of evil connecting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran to Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah of Hizbullah via President Bashar Al-Assad of Syria. The former chief of staff and defense minister explained that they did not just pose a problem to Irael and that acting against those countries was more justified than NATO's joing last year's war against Muammar Qaddafi in Libya.

Mofaz said Kadima is returning Israel to the center. He said national service can be customized, but that all must serve, be they secular, religious, Arab or hareidi-religious. He added that by working to replace the Tal law's exemptions to military service for hareidim, the party did not come to persecute them or drive fear into the Israeli Arab community but to create a broader common ground and amplify the principle of equality.

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